About Us

Meenakshi Print Park started on November 2013, at first we done the printing job as usual. But now we changed our press as highly equipped.

At the starting stage we perforated the bill using manual machine. Now we using motorized micro perforation machine. we bind the books using binding machine, that binds the books without thread, stapler pin, needle, etc., We use high quality raw material to bind the books.

Usually, the bill number is printed using Hand Numbering machine only in black color, but we print using automatic numbering machine. By using this machine, we can print the number faster, Sharper and in any color.

We print the passport size photo in Self Adhesive photo paper only. It is easy to paste in the form without gum.

We print the plastic ID Cards within 15 minutes, with best quality printer. Now we added printer to print in gift items like mug, T-Shirt, Key Chain, Plate, Cap, Pillow Cover, etc.,.

Our Works:

  • invitations
  • bag
  • brochures
  • flex-banners
  • gift-items
  • posters
  • notice
  • visiting-cards