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Meenakshi Print Park

Flex printing

Flex printing is a cost efficient and an economic form of outdoor advertising. The visuals can be altered/magnified/compressed according to the space available. Flex printing can be used in hoarding printing, vinyl printing , board printing , canvas printing , glass lamination printing wall wrap printing , banner printing and backdrop printing.

Printing Service

These are made of stature flex or acrylic materials. To meet customer's requirements, any desired letter or slide1e can be highlighted. As these are raised above the surface and this gives an eye catching effect. These (Digital Flex Printing) can be used anywhere for various promotional purposes like in super stores, shops, malls, roads, etc..


Heat transfer printing takes a high resolution slide1e and prints it onto a special transfer paper, which is then applied with a heat press. Transfer printing is great for coloured designs on white t-shirts but struggles with colours on a darker tone. Transfer printing can also fade over a longer period, which is why they are best used for garments with a short intended shelf life.